Our fares are comparatively low and in fact we're still charging the fares set by the Taxi Services Commission (TSC) back in June 2014 and haven't increased them despite country and regional taxi operators being allowed to set their own fares since this time.

As with the standard TSC 2014 fares the charging method we use varies according to the taxi's average speed over the whole trip:

  • Distance Charges apply when the speed is more than 21 km/h, most commonly the case for trips around Beechworth, otherwise
  • Time Charges apply instead but this is rarely the case for trips around Beechworth.

The charging rate used also varies according to the number of passengers occupying the taxi:

  • Standard Rate applies when there are 4 or fewer passengers, otherwise the
  • High Occupancy Rate applies.

The fares below are the maximum fares we charge – if you have limited means discuss this with us beforehand and we may be able to offer a discount.

Note that all charges quoted below are inclusive of GST.

Fare rates

Beechworth Taxis fare charges

Typical basic fares from Beechworth

The table below estimates typical basic fares from (or to) Beechworth and include the Flagfall and Distance charge which is normally the case around Beechworth.

To this basic fare add any applicable extra charges as listed above for the CPV Recovery Levy, Late Night Fee, Holiday Fee, Airport Booking Fee, Booking Fee and Electronic Payment Surcharge to obtain your total fare.

Note that these basic fares are just estimates and the total fare payable will be the amount shown on the taxi meter at the end of your trip regardless of the estimate shown here.

Beechworth Taxis fare charges

Roughly estimate your fare

Unfortunately none of the online fare estimators provide accurate estimates of our fares as the fare rates across country and regional Victoria are no longer fixed.

If you're trip isn't listed in the typical basic fares table above but you have a back of an envelope handy you can get a rough estimate of your basic fare pretty easily yourself by:

  1. Estimating the distance of your journey in kilometres – you can use Google Maps or similar but make sure you choose the driving option though!
  2. Multiplying the distance in kilometres by the
    1. Standard Rate of $1.90 for 4 or fewer passengers (or $2 for a really rough and over estimate), otherwise
    2. High Occupancy Rate of $2.80 (or $3 for for a really rough and over estimate)
  3. Adding $4 for the Flagfall.

Then you can get a rough estimate of your total fare by:

  1. Adding $1 for the CPV Recovery Levy.
  2. Adding $3 if between midnight and 6 am.
  3. Adding $5 if a holiday (Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day and from 6 pm New Year's Eve).
  4. Adding $3 if an airport trip.
  5. Adding $2 if booking ahead.
  6. Adding 5% if paying electronically.